Crops Update: 

  • Crops team is getting equipment ready for planting
  • Manure team will all be certified and have equipment ready to go once ready

Construction Update: 

  • FUSS remodel is finished
  • Peterson West building is finished; Scheduled to fill first week of April
  • Eastwood: 250 ft wall are framed

Production Update: 

  • Tough challenging year so far with PRRS in a lot of sow facilities. Hoping to be at the end of it

General Management Update: 

  • n/a

Chief Financial Officer Update: 

  • Kris and Nicole will both be trained in Laserfiche
  • Simplifying and the med order process

Justin Hankins: 

  • n/a

Mark Kipp: 

  • With Cindy K going to be on leave, Keith B will step up and help with the warehouse responsibilities. Katie F will be taking over the ordering of meds as well. 


  • n/a

Human Resources Update: 

  • Hoping to have more doses of the J&J vaccine next week. This will be the last opportunity to get the vaccine if interested. Please see Cindy B if interested and haven’t got the vaccine yet; it’s not too late.  As a reminder, the FFCRA leave will end after everyone has been offered the vaccine at RVF.  If you have chosen not to receive the covid vaccine then anytime missed will go against your PTO.  Please contact HR with questions.  
  • Going forward lunch breaks can be taken downstairs in the lunchroom.  Please punch in and out to take your break.  Your break will need to be at least 25 minutes in length.  
  • As a reminder, if using the mobile clock you will need to have your GPS on.  We will require everyone to use the timeclock at the office when working at the office.  Work from home will need to be pre approved by your supervisor. 
  • Juan Trinidad started a while ago. He has been a great addition to the team and is here to help with interrupting if needed. 


  • Ham Giveaways have been scheduled for Monday, March 29th and Wednesday, March 31st for the following towns: Cresco, Lawler, New Hampton, and Calmar. Ashley will reach out with more details if you had spoken interest in helping with them.