General Updates:

  • Congratulations to Hailey Waddell (Office) for being the next winner of the Employee Portal drawing! As a reminder that we’ll be drawing a winner every other week for employees who are continuously checking into the portal.

Crops Update:

  • Crops team had wrapped up planting last week. They are currently still finishing up spraying.

Construction Updates:

  • Eastwood:
    • Gestation – Trusses are set and steel is on the West half of the barn. Equipment is starting to be set inside the building.
    • Office – Concrete footings and footing walls are poured. We are bringing in sand so we can install plumbing this week. Hoping to finish the concrete floor next week Monday.
    • Farrowing – Concrete is complete. We are installing floors and hopefully start framing in the next week.
  • Carpenter Site – Needs final grade and seeding otherwise is complete.
  • Peterson West – Needs final grade and seeding otherwise site is complete.
  • Homefarm Demo – Need to finish filling in and leveling the area off, otherwise demolition is complete.


  • Last week, Tysons had come out to Reicks View Farms and completed a video shoot. Thank you to our team who cleaned up around the farm and helped make it a success. We are excited to see the final cut so keep your eyes on that!
  • The Monthly Employee Newsletter is attached to the main page of the portal when you login. Managers please make sure you print and pass those along to your team to review.

Feed Mill Updates:

  • We are planning on adding a 17,000 lb, 13′ diameter, 56′ tall bin above the ingredient bay at the mill.  The new bin will be able to store 4 semi loads of an ingredient.  With the current diets, there is not enough bin storage capacity to house the necessary soybean meal.  Alternatively, as diets change, the new bin could be used to hold new ingredients.
    The new bin will increase feed mill efficiency.  To stay operational, soybean meal has been unloaded into a pit, transferred up a leg, and into a bin.  A trailer is then positioned under the bin so the soybean meal can be gravity fed into it using a downspout and stored in the parking lot until needed.  This allows room for additional delivered loads in the overhead bins that can be scaled and conveyed to the mixer for finished feed.  This is inefficient because the product has to be moved twice and it produces more traffic in an already busy ingredient bay.
    The bin will be set in place Friday, May 14th and Saturday, May15th (pending weather).  Emerson Crane Rental, Feed Mill personnel, Jerico Construction personnel, and Crops personnel will combine to set the new bin.  The crane will block the corn bay and the South side of the ingredient bay during this time.  Therefore, we will not be able to receive corn and ingredient delivery trucks will need to be backed into the bay from the North side during the installation.
    Most of the I-beams above the ingredient bay have been reinforced in preparation for the new bin installation so the structure will be able to support the additional weight.  The additional reinforcement required electrical lines, air lines, and plumbing to be rerouted.  Special thanks to Edgardo Benitez Campos, Marco Heriberto Martinez Ruiz, and Cesar Arrieta Franco for their weekend work over the last few months to make this installation possible.

Production Updates:

  • As a reminder, there has been a few changes with Sow Unit Management.
    • Aubrey Vorwald is now managing Birchwood Sow Unit
    • Alexa Head is now managing Northwood Sow Unit
    • Craig Bohr is managing Rosewood Sow Unit
    • Devin Holthaus is managing Dogwood Sow Unit
    • Isaac Hover has stepped into a Biosecurity Sow Unit Oversight role with primarily focus on Biosecurity, safety, and PQA training.
  • Here at Reicks View Farms our main objective is to raise a healthy animal. As we know PRRS was a main health issue nationwide in 2020 for pork producers. In order to improve our mission of raising a healthy herd we are teaming up on how to adapt and overcome these health concerns. Planned changes include better separating crossover contamination including dirty and clean vehicles and people traffic.  Other areas that are being revisited include dust control, filtration, isolation timeframes, and vendor interaction.  
    • The pyramid shown below is a tool designed to help any Reicks View employee with their weekly travel plans.  All of the Reicks View locations are being color coded according to this pyramid and distributed to employees to keep everyone abreast of the current health statuses.
    • Health Status Color Coding