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Company Safety Update:

-Scott shared a safety video that covered heat stroke.  Please make sure you drink enough water and watch for heat stroke symptoms such as fatigue, thirst, heat intolerance, flushed skin, dizzy, and dark urine.

Production Update:

-Irrigation on the fields has started.  Some of the fields do have center pivot irrigators to get this done.  

-Sprayer planes have been out applying Headline to the crops

-Each sow farm is “clean” which is great!  This will create more of a demand on trucking as the time goes.  The transportation department is working on plans to move trucks quickly but still meet all of their biosecurity guidelines.  

-Northwood will get gilts soon while Rosewood should start farrowing on Thursday (8/4)

-The interns (Kynzie & Kole) finished their time here at RVF.  They presented their findings to a group in full detail.  The presentation was recorded and will be posted to the Employee Portal as well as their slides.  

-Fall H2A group is being planned right now.  There will be another group set to arrive in the coming months to help with fall work. 

-Pork Avenue is a new safety training program that was recently implemented.  There will be bilingual videos to help the training process.  

HR Update:

-Try to limit the socializing to break/lunch times.  There have been complaints of groups gathering to talk for long periods of time and can be a distraction to those working.  

-Please make sure you email Kris or Sarah your personal email address.  RVF will start emailing your pay stub instead of mailing a paper copy.  

PR Update:

-There have been multiple comments left on the online Suggestion page to get standing desks for those that want them.  Emily has one available for staff to try.  If you would like to try it, contact Emily and she will set that up.  If you find that you like and want one then we will work on arranging that to happen. 

-Summer Party is Sunday, Aug. 28th at The Pub from 1-4pm.  Families are welcome and we look forward to a fun afternoon of food, games and prizes!  A big thank you to the committee members that have helped plan this.

-Boyd’s Food Truck will be on the main campus Thursday, Aug. 25th for lunch. 

-We have 2 more parades this summer.  If you would like to participate please contact Emily ([email protected]) to sign up.  Full time employees will receive 2 hours VTO for each parade they do (limit 8 hours).          Lime Springs (Sun. Aug. 14th at 1pm)                 Cresco (Sat. Aug. 27th at 4:30pm)