September 28th – Staff Meeting 

Safety Update

-Scott shared a Driving Safety document that touches on winter, gravel, and company vehicle safety.  The document is shown below.

Construction Update

-Framing started at 3 Brothers

IT Update

-A new phone system is in the process of rolling out.  There will be more options to use through your PC, traditional phone, or your cell phone.  The hope is to have it up and to go by the end of October.  Justin and John will send out a survey to see if you would like to have a phone at your desk or not.  Training will be offered monthly as well.  


-The plan is to start combining on Thursday, September 29th.  There are 20-25 workers that Maria, Paula, and Karl are working with so they are ready to begin their work on Oct. 1st.  

Production Update

-Dogwood has tested positive for PRRS and will be depopulated next week.  

-Suidae Health and Production has been hired to focus on the sow farms.

HR/PR Update

-Christmas clothing order information will be out soon.  This will be a new format than in the past.  You will order online, and anything over your allotted amount will be charged to you via credit card at the time of purchase, not pick up.

-Pre-order meals from local restaurants will begin at the end of Oct or early Nov.  Employees will have the option to purchase a meal from a rotating list of restaurants in the area.  More information will be provided the closer we get.

-If you would like a standing desk and didn’t order the first time please contact Emily by Oct. 5th to get your order in.

-Flu Shots will be offered to employees on Thursday, Oct. 13th from 1-3 pm.  If you would like to schedule one please contact Sarah Busta.  

-More VTO options are available on the Employee Portal.  If you know of an event that would benefit from our employee’s service let Emily or Cari know.  

Iowa Pork Leadership Academy

-If you would like to see the presentation that Hailey Waddell gave regarding her IPLA experience please see the link below.