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December Company Update



  • Wear proper PPE (goggles, ear plugs, gloves, boots, and wet suit)
  • Never aim at a person, animal, or electrical box.
  • Unplug heater
  • Never rig the trigger to stay open.  If you use it for an extended period of time take a break


-The new phone system will go live at 1pm on Dec. 21st  

-You may unplug your old phone system but please keep in your office until we have determined where we will collect them

-All employees will have a direct line

-Fax number will stay the same.  There is also an app you can fax from or scan in and use as an attachment through the website. 

-Please let John and Justin know if you have issues.  Please be patient during this transition. 

New Hires 

-New hire Melissa Borchardt will join us on Jan. 3rd.  She will be located in the same office as Jenna.  

-Tyler Cooksley will be a full-time maintenance employee beginning Jan. 3rd.  

-Jonathan Vobr will also start on Jan. 3rd managing the H2A and TN Housing and performing office maintenance tasks.   

Holiday Pay

-Due to Christmas and New Year landing on a Sunday, the office will be closed that following Monday, Dec. 26th and Monday, Jan. 2nd.  


-If you know of any upcoming VTO opportunities for RVF employees to help with, please let Cari or Emily know.  

Human Resources

-The busy ham season is about finished.  Thank you to everyone that helped deliver hams and organize lists 

-Monthly Munchers will return in 2023.  Emily will send out the new groups soon, and the next lunch will be on Tuesday, Jan. 17th. 

Winter Weather 

-Please use good judgment when traveling to and from work.

-If you choose to stay home due to the weather, please contact your supervisor so they are aware. 

-If you see an area that needs shoveling please contact Mark Kipp, Scott Voyna, or Steve Foote.  

-When entering and exiting the office, using the scale door is a good option.  This will eliminate going around trucks parked on the scale and the hill by the stairs.