Construction Update

-Dirt work at Westwood and Home Farm to clean up

-Dig a connecting hallway at Home Farm

-Peachwood is back up and running 

-Working on lots of small projects at different locations 


-Pumping manure for the last 3 weeks and that is going well

-In the process of switching to a new GPS company


-Home Farm – first piglets on 4/22/22

-Westwood – first piglets on 4/17/22

-Dogwood – Not farrowing until end of May

-Nursery is seeing great improvement on the death rate


-Restructuring with Cory and Preston so they are only on the finisher side

-We have  seasonal worker that is HVAC certified which will be very beneficial

-Office fixes – email Justin Haught, Mark Kipp and Adam Schmitt for any repairs

-33 H2As arriving late this week

-Robin McCumber will be here on 5/2/22 to touch up any painting that needs to be done in the office.  If your office needs touch ups please contact Cindy ASAP. [email protected] 

Welcome New Employees

-Paola Perez will be working as a receptionist and in the HR department.  She is bilingual and will be able to assist with translating.

-Rhonda Dean started early April and is the new Cost Accountant 

-Michelle Kuhn will start May 9th and will float between Erica and Jessica’s departments.  She will also be available to help with meat orders and receptionist duties

-Two interns (Kynzi Cole & Kole McNeer) will start in the middle of May.  They will be running research trials at Dans and they will have a variety of work including:  

a. injectable antibiotic on nursery performance, scour

b. colostrum:  split suckle management on lifetime productivity

c.  birth weight on gilt BA

d.  sick/day 1 sort trial

e.  gruel feed ~ 2 days

f.  lactation management trial

g.  hand feed vs full feed prefarrow

h.  gilt progeny performance/livability

Team Rewards

-Team rewards need to be used by June 30th.  If you need help setting something up please contact Cari.