Company Update


-Scott shared the Confined Spaces and Fire Extinguishers safety videos with everyone.

-Training was done the week of June 13th.  RVF now has 22 employees that are certified as Confined Space Technicians. This certification provides many different safety techniques and strategies to keep employees safe.  Thank you to all of the employees who participated in this.  

-Fire Extinguishers are located on each floor of the building.  See image for fire extinguisher locations around the office and warehouse.  


General Company Updates

-Brady talked about the structure and reorganizing of staff the last few months.  There are several updates that we are excited to share that affect several departments. All of the staff updates and new employees will be shared in a newsletter located on the Employee Portal.  A list is also being put together on who you need to contact for different situations.  We hope to make that a little more clear with a designated list.

-National Pork Industry Conference (NPIC) – Conference held at the Wisconsin Dells.  Employees from multiple departments will go to the conference the week of July 10th.  

Staff Updates

-Mark Kipp has been promoted to Director of Support Services.  


  • Manage Med/Supply Purchasing agreements and relationships
  • Fuel Purchasing & Contracting (LP, Diesel, Gasoline)
  • Purchasing – trucks, -equipment, – high value, repeatable

Other Areas:

  • DNR site Inspections
  • Human Resources: Recruitment oversight of seasonal workers (Mitch Kellogg)
  • Crisis Response (Accidents, fires, natural disasters)

See all other staff updates located on the employee portal.  

Construction Update

-Pouring topwalls at the Flatjord site

-Digging pit at Swenson site

Mark Hover/Production Update: 

-Spartanwood staffing changes:  Josh has been promoted to Live Production Manager and Demetrio is promoted to Wean to Finish Manager and Nelly to Sow Farm Manager in Michigan.

-13 sow farms were 100% negative in all tests for the first time in approximately 3 years.  This is a great accomplishment and shows the hard work that everyone has put into making improvements in our biosecurity processes.  

HR/Communications Update:  

-401K Meetings:  Dee Boeding will be here on Wednesday, July 13th to discuss employee 401K plans.  If you would like to sign up for a time contact Kris Sajdak.  

Cari/Emily Misc Update:  

-Summer Party is Sunday, August 28th at 1pm – 4pm at the Pub at the Pinicon.

-Boyd’s Food Truck will be here in July – if you have any other food truck suggestions send them to Cari ([email protected])

-Tuesday, July 19th MWI is going to provide ribeye steak sandwiches for the company at lunch.  

-We do have a functioning ice machine located in the downstairs kitchen freezer.  

-Employee Suggestion Box is now located on the Employee Portal – feel free to make suggestions on how RVF can improve.

-Employee RecHOGnition is located on the Employee Portal – use this as a way to give a pat on the back to coworkers/employees that you have seen going above and beyond.