June Company Update


-Done with regular acres and will finish planting by Dogwood after they are done tiling 


-Dogwood remodel is taking place (remodeling the farrowing unit) 

-Seeding, rock and some cement work is taking place at other locations


Pinewood PRRS testing came back negative, they will potentially be getting gilts later this week. Research testing at Rosewood will be done this week.  Rosewood’s gestation will be empty as of this Friday and we will have farrowing empty there on June 10th. Then it will be sanitizing, disinfecting, and repopulating them from there.

The end result of this will mean that we will only have 1 PRRS positive farm (Weavers) and 2 PED positive farms by the middle of June.

-Interns (Kynzi Cole & Kole McNeer) are working on a project at Birchwood

-Southwood is getting gilts 

Staff Updates

-See the Staffing Updates Newsletter posted on the Employee Portal that lists all the new employees and staffing updates.

-Mark Kipp will move into Jason Demaray’s former office.  

-Scott Voyna will move into Mark Kipp’s former office.

-Louise will be the Mill Coordinator and run the crews, work orders and reports.  

Feed Mill

-The Mill will be working half staff over the Memorial Day weekend

Extra Supplies

-If you have any extra items in your office that you do not want, please check with Cindy on where to put them.  We want to clean out and organize some of the closet space.