November Staff Minutes

Winter Weather Update

-If you see that it is getting slick outside or shoveling needs to be done you can contact Edgardo (Cristo) to help remove the snow. You can text or call him at 641-229-7453.

-Please use the lime chips instead of salt on the sidewalks as the salt can damage the landscaping.  

Production Update

-Dogwood hopes to be repopulated by next week.  There have been quite a few positive barns but we hope to be able to keep it under control.  

-We had 17 seasonal workers leave and another 2 groups will leave in December.  

Friday after Thanksgiving

-The Friday following (Nov. 25th) we will allow people to leave at 1pm but you are welcome to stay and work if you wish. We will not have anyone at the receptionist desk and the scale plans to close at 1 pm.  If you plan to leave at 1 pm, please be sure that you have your 40 hours in for the week or you will need to use PTO.   

Monthly Munchers will take a break for the month of December but new groups will be formed and begin again in January.

-VTO opportunity is at the 9th grade basketball game in New Hampton on Dec. 1st at 5:30pm.  Please sign up on the portal or email Emily ([email protected]).

Adopt a Family information will be emailed out soon.  If you didn’t sign up and still wish to, please email Cari ([email protected]) and she can set you up. We have 27 families to sponsor this year.

Office Holiday Meat Sales

If there isn’t a receptionist at the front desk please call Cari (ext 248) or Emily (214) to help out.  

Next Staff Meeting

-Wednesday, December 21st at 9:15am