October 26th 

Safety Update

-Pig Handling safety was discussed.  

-General Movement Guidelines:

-Remember that your safety comes first.

-Prepare the path of movement by removing all obstacles and distractions. Secure all gates.

-Use a sort board and maintain a slight bend in the knees.

-Stay calm and avoid rapid movements.

-Sow And Gilt Movement Guidelines:

-Move in small groups.

-Pregnant sows need to move slowly.

-Allow older sows who are familiar with the weaning process to lead

younger sows into a farrowing room.

-Apply light pressure when turning corners using taps to the shoulder

in the direction you want her to turn.

-Be aware that frightened sows may want to try to jump over stalls.


Crops Update

-There are a lot of new employees working at the moment.  If you see people that need assistance please offer help or find the person that can help them.  


Construction Update

-Framing work is being completed on multiple Finisher Buildings.  

-Concrete work is happening at Dogwood

-Three Brothers will be a 7,500-head barn.  It has been farmed and they are finishing the steelwork inside.  

-There was a new roof put on Birchwood


Production Update

-There is a breed project happening right now for Dogwood.  

-Zoetis provided training for managers and department heads.  

-There have been lots of changes at Dogwood to help prevent a positive outbreak again.  We appreciate the hard work the employees have put in during the transition.  


HR & Communications Update

-The Christmas clothing order will go live on Oct. 31st and stay open until Nov. 11th.  Employees will receive an email with the shopping link.  Each employee will also receive a code to use at check out for $150 to use.  If you choose to purchase more than the $150, you will need to pay for that online at the time of checkout.  You will also have the option to have it delivered to your home or picked up at the main campus office.

-Holiday Hams will be delivered in the near future.  If you plan to work with any of the vendors that are receiving hams please let Cari know so we can get that ham delivered in person instead of shipping.  

-VTO options are available on the employee portal.  

-Cresco Food Pantry (Nov. 12th) 

-9th grade New Hampton Girls/Boys Basketball (Dec. 1st)

-Employee suggestions are being taken into consideration but they do take time.  We will update if changes are made but please remember it does take time to go through them and to see if they are possible for RVF.  


IT Update

-Most employees have their new phones installed

-The hope is to have the new phone system live by Oct. 31st


Next Staff Meeting

-Due to Thanksgiving, we will have the next Staff Meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 16th.