RVF is adapting a lot of new procedures to help increase our biosecurity practices. Refer to the Biosecurity Pyramid Chart when moving around from one location to another. Feel free to contact Isaac Hover with any questions you may have. 


We were 100% completed with planting by May 1st this year; resulting in one of our quickest planting seasons we’ve seen. The 1st round of spraying is completed as well. 

Trusses are being put up at Eastwood currently. We’re aiming to start breeding by July 15th.
Don’t have a lot of corn left to buy for this year until the new crop. 
If you have a company vehicle that is in need of anything from the shop, please contact Lynn Panos so he can schedule a technician.  Emailing or texting your request would be preferred, especially for non-urgent issues, however you are also welcome to call his cell if you need to elaborate on the work needed.  We ask that you try to keep cell calls to normal daytime hours unless there is an emergency. He can be reached at 319-989-5059 (cell) or 641-364-7843 ext. 212 (work).  If Lynn is unavailable or off, please contact Preston Engelhardt at 641-228-0030
We have three Swine Production Interns that will be working with us this summer. Shane Duffy and Avery Mather started this week. Blake Price will be starting on Monday.  Please help make them feel welcome!
Courtney Shimek and Kendra Beierschmitt will be leaving us on Friday, May 14th. Jessica O’Connor will be taking over Kendra’s position. We are still needing to fill the Construction Accountant position. If you’re interested, please fill out the form that is included on the Employee Portal. 
Reicks View will be having a Summer Party on Sunday, August 29th at 1:00 pm. More information will be sent out at a later time. 
We have a few volunteer opportunities to get involved at Reicks View Farms. If interested in volunteering for one of the opportunities below, please reach out to Ashley at [email protected] or 641-364-7843 ext. 214. Employees will be rewarded with a gift card as an appreciation for their time. 
  • Town Parades – More information will be sent out with all of the parades we’d like to participate in. The first parade will be on Memorial Day at Harpers Ferry. Parade will start at 10:00 am.
  • Summer Party Committee – The committee will be helping brainstorm ideas and drive the decision factors for the party. The committee will meet once a month.
Pork Loin is now available to be purchased by the loin instead of the case for non-employees! Please share along to your family and friends.