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Safety Update: 

-Fire and tornado training maps were shown and discussed during the meeting.  It is important to know  your surroundings and know where to go if there is a fire or tornado.  First steps during an emergency would be to shut off equipment, alert staff, call 911 and then report to the meeting area.  In the case of a fire the meeting location is by the large outdoor RVF sign.  If there is a tornado try to find a lower level enclosed area. The best option would be the basement conference room. Emily will post in the Training section of the Employee Portal.  


Harvest Update: 

-Harvest will likely begin at the end of September.  We expect to have three groups of seasonal workers arriving the end of September – early October.  We will harvest just under 14,000 acres of corn this year.  


Construction Update: 

-Digging has started at multiple locations as well as a remodel.  The next new finisher build isn’t likely to start until after harvest is complete.  Rafters arrived for the rebuilding for the 3 Brothers project. The Internal Truck Wash will see an upgrade with the efficiency of their washing and baking process.  They should be able to get this done in one hour soon so they can get through more trucks quite a bit faster.  



-Majority of sow units have or will have fiber internet in the near future.  There will also be an update to the fuel system technology.  


Production Update: 

-Isaac talked about the changes in biosecurity to keep diseases out of the barns.  A seven day isolation for new equipment was implemented.  The team credits going back to the basics with a lot of their procedures and being more thorough to their success.  


HR Update: 

-Paula will eventually move into Juan’s position but until a new receptionist is hired she will continue to help out at the front desk.  If you see guests or employees needing assistance please see if you can help or contact someone in the HR department to help.  

-When an employee clocks out for lunch it needs to be for at least 20 minutes.  If you leave the main campus area make sure you clock in and out during that time.  

-If you are a manager please stay on top of your employee reviews.  New employees generally have a review after 60 days of employment and then annually on their work anniversaries.  


PR Update: 

-You can submit a RecHOGnition by going to the Employee Portal.  These will be posted on the portal, bulletin board, and in the next employee newsletter.  

-If you have any Food Truck suggestions contact Cari.  She is trying to get one lined up for September and is also looking into a dessert option as well.  

-Employee Suggestions can be submitted on the Employee Portal.  There is a group that meets monthly on these suggestions and takes them all into consideration.  There isn’t a guarantee that each suggestion will be implemented but they will be addressed.