About Us

Family Farming Since 1979

Reicks View Farms was founded by Dale and Laura Reicks in 1979 near the small town of Jerico, Iowa. As 5th generation pork producers, they began with 240 acres of corn along with 200 sows. Today, Reicks View Farms prides itself on being a family farm. Dale and Laura, their children, Brady and Kaylie, along with over 300 employees and 130 production partners continue to farm corn as well as produce top quality pork.

At Reicks View Farms family comes first. We believe that working together as a family is what helps us strive to get better each day and stands us apart from the rest.

We raise our pigs in the most humane, efficient way possible. Our employees and production partners work very hard every day with the pigs to make sure that they are healthy, happy and well cared for.

At Reicks View Farms we take many steps to try and reduce our carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible. We plant trees at all of our locations. We participate in many different recycling programs. We work with a company to recycle all of our scrap metal and oil We use a highly innovative technique and system for injecting the manure from our animals into the farm land. This reduces the amount of commercial fertilizer that needs to be put on the land and crops and also reduces the odor. The manure from one finishing barn is spread upon enough acres of corn to feed those pigs in that barn for the year.

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A family ag business with integrity, focused on innovation, driven by a passion to build meaningful relationships and provide opportunities for future generations.