“When we talk about family farms, there is often the vision of parents with kids,” said Brady Reicks. “Over time as farms have gotten bigger, it takes more people than just one family to get the job done. Sometimes this leads to the label of not being a ‘family farm’. When I sit back and look at our business, it’s not just my family, it’s a whole group of families that work with us to help feed the world. That’s how we came up with our slogan of Families Feeding Families.”
As Reicks View Farms continues to look forward, we will strive towards expanding our operations to become more sustainable and innovative. “Investing in a better tomorrow,” said Kaylie Reicks. “That’s why we do what we do. It’s important to my family and I that our employees, friends, community and neighbors know that we plan to be here for a long time. We will continue to adapt and be a leader in our industry.”