While growing up on a family farm, it didn’t take long for Jason Ludwig to grow a passion for farming. Jason grew up working alongside his dad and uncle growing crops and raising livestock. His passion for agriculture has now evolved into being a production grower for Reicks View Farms and running his family’s farm.
“Being a grower is rewarding because I can work with my family to care for the pigs,” said Jason. “My son helps me actively and being able to teach him about animal husbandry at a young age is a neat experience.” Jason has been a grower for Reicks View Farms for over five years.
In 2020, Jason was awarded the first Reicks View Farms Grower of the Year Award; honoring one grower who had gone above and beyond. Jason works closely with his caretaker, Dave Gossman. As a team, they work to ensure they are giving their best care to the pigs. Jason credits Dave for their great teamwork as it takes clear communication to overcome challenges.
“They put Reicks View Farms as their number one priority to care for the pigs each day,” said Brandon Hummel, Head of Finishing. “They look at their pigs like it’s their own pigs and you can see that when you walk in the barns.” At Reicks View Farms, every pig counts.