Monday, August 10th of 2020 will continue to be known as the day the Derecho storm swept across the Midwest, leaving parts of Iowa torn up to pieces. The USDA Risk Management Agency reported that “57 counties in Iowa were in the path of the storm. Within those 57 counties, there are approximately 14 million acres of insured crops. This includes 8.2 million acres of corn and 5.6 million acres of soybeans that may have been impacted by the storm.”

When Reicks View Farms employees heard about the disaster, they stepped up and helped. “I knew Cedar Rapids, IA, got hit but I didn’t know how bad until my brother said he didn’t think he’d have power for weeks,” said Karl Kramer, Interrupter. “Ultimately, I felt compelled to do something to help, but I was galvanized to action by their exemplary attitude and behavior.” As Karl had went to Cedar Rapids, he was astonished by what he saw. “It’s hard to take it all in from pictures and videos on the internet alone. It felt like there was a flood but instead of water it was trees, fences, signs, and roofs all over.”

Tim Sadler, Finishing Supervisor had also gone down to help the clean up in Central Iowa multiple times. “I was shocked when I started to see it all,” said Tim. “We had gotten some rain up in Northern Iowa but it was minor to the damage done elsewhere.” Tim had spent multiple days helping his family and other community members in the surrounding area clean up. “I think it’s important to help the community because they can’t do it all by themselves. I don’t live there anymore but I still feel that they’re my community.”

Karl and Tim are both known for their willingness to volunteer. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that they went and helped clean up,” said Cindy Butikofer, Director of Human Resources. “No matter what the situation is, they are always willing to step up when it’s needed of them without asking them to do so.”

Reicks View Farms is known for helping their local communities. “I’m thankful to be part of a team here at Reicks View Farms. The employees here are always willing to go the extra mile to help others and I think that speaks for itself,” said Cindy.
Reicks View Farms wants to encourage others to get involved, as it’s never too late. The Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page is a great resource to help get involved and help out where it’s needed. The Iowa Farm Bureau also had a Farming Community Disaster Exchange page that is an online message board connecting Iowans together to help those who were impacted by the storm to seek assistance.