What We Do

Pork Production

The Reicks View Farms pork production system has grown over the years to include sow units, boar stud, nursery system, and finishing systems. The majority of production is in Northeast Iowa from Interstate 35 east to the Mississippi River, with most of the production north of Hwy 3. RVF has always had a high emphasis on health and has made that the primary focus in every sector of the production process. A proactive approach to filtration, biosecurity, treating pigs, and truck wash management has allowed Reicks View to grow and endure periods with challenging market conditions along the way. Reicks View raises its own replacement breeding stock and sells breeding stock through a partnership with PIC.

Production Partners

There are a variety of arrangements available to those interested in partnering with Reicks View as a contract grower. The goal is to create an arrangement that is a win/win scenario. The advantage for the grower is often a primary or supplemental source of income along with a flexible schedule. The main advantage for Reicks View is allowing a way for a growing production system to continue to expand where land base and employees may not be readily available.

Feed Production

The feed mill was established back in the 1980’s and continues to grow and evolve. The feed mill has a fully automated batching system that allows a computerized system with electronic scales to mix each batch of feed with a very precise blend of ingredients. The feedmill has operator, driving, and maintenance positions that employ many skilled people from the surrounding communities. The feed mill also plays a big role in drying, storing, and transporting each year’s corn crop.

Grain Production

Reicks View Farms row crop production system farms acres in Northeast Iowa and Southern Minnesota, primarily focused on a corn-on corn rotation. The crop production system utilizes state-of-the-art technologies that increase the efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. The nutrients from the hog farms fertilize approximately 50% of the acres it farms. The ability to fertilize the farms with the sustainable source of fertilizer has provided many benefits to Reicks View, local communities, and the environment. Reicks View benefits from the nutrient value made available to the corn plant that has proven to be better for the soil than commercial fertilizers. The crew that it takes to pump this manure has provided jobs to many hard working local people that enjoy farming. The manure is also pumped with a state of the art injection system that injects the manure 8 inches below the surface of the ground to control runoff and be very environmentally friendly. All of the corn that we produce in our grain production system is fed back to livestock. This model for crop farming is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economically attractive. Reicks View also incorporates cover crops to the rotation when possible.


Reicks View Farms CDL drivers are the glue of our system. Their focus is to safely aid in transporting all of our livestock, grain and feed to each of our farms, vendors and partners. Our drivers connect each branch of our system together.


Jerico Construction is an entity in the Reicks View Family that does General Contracting of new construction projects as well as site maintenance. The general contracting side of Jerico Construction focuses on managing the construction process of hog production facilities, feed mill remodels and expansions, irrigation sales/construction, and some residential. The site maintenance division of Jerico focuses on service calls and preventative maintenance of hog production facilities.